What Security Door Hardware Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right security door hardware is a crucial task in any facility. The right door hardware reinforces the physical security of a facility and ensures smooth functionality and accessibility. However, the selection process isn’t just about picking a high-end lock system; it requires a full understanding of your facility’s needs, industry, location, and balance between security and accessibility.

This article dives into each of these areas, providing guidance on how to choose the most reliable and efficient security door hardware for your facility.

The Importance of Security Door Hardware

Your exterior door is the initial barrier against intruders. Prioritizing door hardware enhances facility security and the overall appearance of your entrance. By investing in quality hardware, you fortify your defenses and make a lasting impression, marrying function with style for a safer and more appealing facility.

Key Considerations When Choosing Security Door Hardware

Choosing the right door hardware depends on your security needs, the industry you operate in, your location, and building size, among other things.

Identify Your Facility’s Security Needs

Before you browse products, identify your security needs. Consider factors such as access requirements, security levels, and integration with other systems to ensure an effective solution.

Take Industry Into Account

Door hardware requirements will differ based on the industry you’re in. For example, in hospitals, hardware must be easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. In schools, doors need to be capable of locking from the inside for classroom safety.

Consider Your Building’s Size and Location

A larger building demands a more complex door hardware system than a smaller one. Electronic locksets or door locks for a multi-story building might be more functional and secure than traditional door knobs.

Balancing Security and Accessibility

While security is paramount, it should not deter accessibility. Consider options like user-friendly door levers, ensuring safety without compromising accessibility for individuals with disabilities or varying mobility needs.

Regular Maintenance

Your door hardware needs regular upkeep. This includes checking electronic locksets for batteries, examining door handles for wear, and checking door locks for damage. A well-kept door hardware system lasts longer and operates more efficiently.

Top Security Door Hardware Options

The type of door you choose could mean the difference between an easy break-in and a stopped intruder. Here are some of the most popular door security system options to consider.

Choosing the best security door hardware depends on several factors that don’t always make the answer clear. With extensive door security system options from Paramount Companies, you can safeguard your facility from threats.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks have become a reliable choice among door hardware options. Equipped with options for remote control and integration with security systems, these wireless door locks offer an extra layer of security and convenience. You can also control your locks via smartphone.

Facial Recognition

Advancements in technology have led to cutting-edge security solutions like facial recognition door locks. Using biometric technology, these devices read the facial features of individuals trying to gain entry and compare them to stored data for allowed users.


Watching over your front door and the surrounding areas, cameras are a significant deterrent to burglars. These advanced door hardware options might have a higher price tag, but they offer unrivaled security, ease of use, and peace of mind.


Keycards are becoming more common for commercial facilities. With a pin or swipe, you have entry, and there’s no need for a mechanical key. They’re a reliable choice for a sophisticated yet straightforward system. Systems like these can enhance the look of your building while increasing its security. Sleek designs like the arched flush pull further add to the appeal.

Fingerprint Scanners

With fingerprint scanner door locks, misplacing keys is a thing of the past. This door hardware option lets you unlock the door with just a touch of your finger. These systems store the fingerprints of everyone allowed to access the building, adding extra security and convenience. It’s a reliable system that’s also easy to install and use, while the sleek design complements a wide range of architectural styles.

Access Codes

Access codes are a variation of electronic locks where the security depends on a unique code entered via keypad. It’s a popular choice among commercial and residential properties alike due to its simplicity and reliability. For those who prefer a more conventional look, access code locks can be incorporated into door levers or door knobs, making them blend seamlessly with your building’s style. Remember to change the codes periodically to maintain security.


An intercom system is another excellent door hardware option. This system allows communication without opening the door, providing an additional layer of safety. Intercom systems can be wired or wireless and integrated with other elements of your building’s security system for a comprehensive solution.

Installation and Maintenance of Security Door Hardware

Once you’ve chosen the proper door hardware, following professional installation procedures and regular maintenance practices is crucial. Proper installation of security hardware is necessary to ensure its functionality and longevity. A faulty install can compromise even the best hardware options.

Despite being high-tech, most of these products require minimal maintenance. Keeping them clean and periodically checking for faults keeps them working optimally for a long time. However, when you need maintenance for your door security system, partnering with a dedicated expert like Paramount Companies comes in handy.

Fortify Your Door Hardware With Paramount Companies

Paramount Companies is your go-to provider for fortifying your building’s security. With a commitment to meeting the unique needs of your business, we provide cutting-edge security door hardware solutions. From fingerprint scanning to facial recognition and advanced locks, our offerings enhance your facility’s safety.

Paramount Companies goes beyond conventional security measures with state-of-the-art technology and custom solutions. Let us empower your business with advanced door hardware that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

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