Milestone’s security solutions give users access to commercial video surveillance and other forms of building security, allowing businesses and individuals to strengthen their protection.

Strengthen Your Building Security With Milestone

Milestone enhances commercial building security through advanced video surveillance technology and access control systems. Their solutions empower businesses by providing real-time monitoring and access management, ensuring a safe and secure environment. With user-friendly interfaces, Milestone’s technology is accessible and practical to give you peace of mind.

Milestone’s security expertise is second to none regarding commercial video surveillance and access control systems. They offer high-tech solutions to improve efficiency and safety without disrupting daily operations.

Discover Milestone’s Security Products and Services

Milestone offers various building security products and services that safeguard you, your business, and your customers. Their comprehensive solutions include:

Video Surveillance

Milestone’s video surveillance includes one of their leading products, XProtect. This open platform allows organizations to create data-driven video solutions that strengthen building security. XProtect is reliable, scalable, and user-friendly, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly and manage video evidence with full control—and you don’t have to worry about limitations or downtime.

Video Access Control Systems

Milestone’s XProtect Access easily integrates into your access control systems to combine video and physical security. This allows a more robust security system in a single interface, preventing unwanted access to your building.

Cloud-Based VMS

Thanks to Milestone Kite, a cloud-based video surveillance as a service mode, organizations can manage and analyze video footage from virtually anywhere at any time. This VSaaS solution is scalable, secure, and simple to navigate. With over 6,000 models of cameras to choose from, Milestone Kite allows users to focus on the core of their business knowing their security solutions are covered.

Professional Services

Milestone offers professional services that enhance your building security. These services include:

  • System Troubleshooting
  • Installation of Milestone VMS (With and Without Configuration)
  • Upgrades and System Migration
  • System Health Checks
  • Customized Services
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • System Design

Make Building Security a Priority

With their high-quality, real-time video surveillance and access control systems, Milestone stands out as an industry-leading building security expert. Keep your commercial property safe and secure by contacting Paramount Companies today.

Suitable for Every Sector

Milestone’s pioneering solutions seamlessly integrate across various industries. Recognizing the distinct requirements of each sector, Milestone offers tailored building security solutions:

  • Education: With Milestone’s video management software, educators, administrators, and security personnel can safeguard individuals and assets.
  • Healthcare: Milestone’s security systems provide protection for hospitals, regional health clinics, rehabilitation centers, and senior care homes.
  • Hospitality: For those in charge of hotels, resorts, casinos, or cruise ships, Milestone’s video management software ensures a secure atmosphere and contributes to exceptional guest experiences.
  • Cities: Milestone’s security efforts allow security operators, law enforcement, emergency services, and other essential providers to act quickly regarding real-time events.
  • Government: Government agencies can benefit from Milestone’s video surveillance systems, which ensure compliance, safety, and security for officials and protected buildings.
  • Retail: With Milestone’s security, retail businesses can minimize shoplifting, fraud, employee theft, and administrative errors.
  • Transportation: Managing a crowd in large-scale public transportation can be challenging, but Milestone’s real-time video surveillance systems make it possible.

Discover the Milestone Advantage

Milestone delivers valuable insights from video data by seamlessly integrating your cameras and sensors with their open-platform software. Customers choose Milestone’s security solutions because their approach is always responsible, strategic, and custom. This is achieved through:

  • Prioritizing people first
  • Being collaborative and service-minded
  • Offering reliable performance and safety
  • Being fully configurable and future-proof

Milestone’s security efforts are evident in their high-quality video surveillance systems and access control solutions, offering safety and security to businesses and individuals in over 25 countries. Contact Paramount Companies today to find out more about Milestone’s security solutions and how they can benefit your business.