Benefits of Commercial Security and Controlled Access

If you own a commercial property, you need a commercial security system. Controlled access technology and security systems protect your property, employees, and valuable materials from external and internal threats, ensuring maximum safety.

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Why Does Your Commercial Space Need Commercial Security and Controlled Access?

An unfortunate truth is people with hostile intent will try to take advantage of places with valuable assets. Commercial spaces are prime targets for criminal behavior. Your employees and business need protection from a range of potential threats.

A commercial security system provides the needed protection to keep your property and everyone in it safe. Passwords and facial recognition protect your smartphone and mobile device, but your physical space is just as essential and requires professional security protocols.
Commercial surveillance, access control systems, and other security equipment can provide your commercial space with the necessary levels of protection.

Here are some of the leading benefits of each of these commercial security tools.

Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

Video surveillance cameras are essential components of a commercial security system. Every commercial space can benefit from having a surveillance camera system.

Security camera systems have many types, functions, and purposes, including:

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras
CCTVs integrated with access control solutions
Live video surveillance
Snapshot imaging capabilities
Video reporting for security

Security cameras can document, store, and revisit any wrongdoing on a surveyed property—on or off the clock. You’ll know if someone wandered into a restricted area and can improve security measures so it doesn’t happen again. You can also document video evidence for the authorities if lawbreaking violations occurred on the premises. Security camera footage can be stored in onsite servers or sent to a third-party security company.

As valuable as security cameras are, they can’t physically prevent unauthorized access by themselves. However, when combined with other equipment, video cameras boost the overall effectiveness of a security system.

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Benefits of Commercial Security Access Control

Building access control systems are security installments that safeguard the entrances of your commercial space. These systems include high-security commercial door locks and security devices installed to ensure only authorized personnel can enter the building. These features are essential for single- and multi-tenant buildings alike.

Card readers, keypad door locks, and front desk monitoring are excellent ways to protect your property’s entrances and keep unauthorized people out of a building or specific areas. Employees can use ID cards, key fobs, and even smartphone apps to enter access-controlled areas. Video surveillance cameras complement door security systems and commercial locks, as you have documented, real-time visualization of the person asking for entry.

There are three main types of access control models:

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary access control gives control of the security system to a handful of people. For example, a small group of upper management or HR personnel can grant and restrict access throughout the building.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Mandatory access control is similar to the DAC model. However, this model grants security control to a single person, such as your property’s chief security officer or the head of your HR department. The designated person is the only employee who can determine the access permissions to enter your building

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Compared to the previous models, RBAC is more automated. A system administrator is still in charge of controlling access, but they create role-based access control permissions. Every personnel member is assigned a role, and their permissions and security levels are granted based on their positions in the company.

Your business needs to be as safe as possible. Paramount Companies installs commercial security systems and hardware to protect your property, employees, assets, and valuable information. We configure commercial surveillance systems, access control systems, and building access securities to ensure your property and everyone on it is protected 24/7. We understand that the safety of your business and employees is essential. Let us protect them. Contact Paramount Companies today.

Benefits of Commercial Gate Security

Your commercial property needs as many layers of protection as possible. Securing the inside of your building is crucial, but protecting the outside is equally essential.

Commercial security systems can monitor and document any vehicle that attempts to enter your property’s perimeter. License plate scanners can read the information off a vehicle’s plate, checking a database to see if there is criminal activity tied to it.

Gate arms and access checkpoints can deter anyone attempting to enter the premises. Tools like door security, key cards, passcodes, and badges can make sure only verified employees and guests can enter your parking lot.

Why a Combined and Fully Integrated Security System Is Essential

Having just one security installation company manage your systems is an excellent idea. You wouldn’t want your office building to use a combination of Apple, Windows, and Google devices and programs because they don’t integrate efficiently together. You’re better off running a single brand of technology to ensure a better user experience. Security systems are similar.

If you have one system of surveillance cameras, one system for access control, and another for gate security, it’ll be challenging to coordinate security measures properly. Hiring one electrical installation company to install your commercial security systems ensures your network operates smoothly.

Paramount Companies Installs High-Quality Commercial Security Systems

Based in the St. Louis area, Paramount Companies installs commercial security systems and equipment to protect your commercial space. With over 15 years of industry experience, our licensed, bonded, and insured electricians respect your property, time, and investment.

We are electrical and low voltage experts who specialize in lighting, audio/video, communications, and other electronic installation services. We will gladly tackle your security system installations with a professional guarantee. Contact Paramount Companies today.