St. Louis Audio Video Installation Contractors

Looking to upgrade your home theater or improve your business’s audio quality? Paramount Companies offers first-class audio video services for residential and commercial spaces.

Paramount Is Your Expert for Home Audio Video Installation

Paramount Electric gives you the customer experience you deserve and optimizes the performance of your electronics. We provide audio and video installations and solutions for your:

  • Kitchen
  • Media room
  • Patio
  • High-end theater room

Along with our audio video services, we also provide complete home automation. Plus, all of our services are completely customizable based on your needs.

With over 15 years of experience as audio video design consultants, our expert audiovisual electricians help St. Louis customers install the latest audio, visual, and automation technologies.

Give your HDTV the home theater audio it deserves. Seamlessly integrate your entire house’s controls with your smartphone. Add crystal-clear audio to your outdoor spaces.

Whatever the case, Paramount works with the best of today’s sophisticated systems to ensure peak performance of your audio and visual investments.

Our Residential Audio Video Systems

Home Theater Rooms

A home theater goes beyond a nice TV or good speakers. That’s why Paramount provides all-inclusive home theater rooms with complete audio video installation.

As a top-ranking St. Louis home theater installer, our solutions offer you the best picture quality, the clearest surround sound, and an experience that will rival going to the movies—all from the comfort of your home.

Whole Home Audio Systems

Bring every room to life with a home audio system. A home audio system enhances your space’s comfort and entertainment value by delivering high-quality sound throughout your house.

With speakers integrated into the design of your home and an easy-to-use control system, you can bring brilliant sound everywhere you go.

New Home Backbones

We work with builders and homeowners for present and future audiovisual needs. As technology advances in new homes, we install a “backbone” that makes future upgrades possible.

Our backbone eliminates the need for costly renovations later on, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality because of changes in technology.

Screen and Projector Installation

A movie projector and screen bring theater-quality video right into your home. They’re the perfect addition to any home theater and a must-have for movie buffs.

However, to fully enjoy your projector and screen setup, it’s important to have them installed properly. There’s no better way to ensure maximum projector quality than with one of our professional installation services. Paramount offers the highest quality screen and projector installation in St. Louis.

Home Automation

Our home automation simplifies your daily life and your technology. With the push of a button, you can control your ceiling fans, lights, entertainment area, and all other applications in your home. With Paramount’s home automation, there are hundreds of possible combinations.

Outdoor Audio Video

Patios and outdoor spaces are great areas for entertaining your guests.

Whether it’s a backyard BBQ or an evening in the hot tub, professional audio video installations on your patio let you enjoy the outdoors with a splash of home technology, adding even more fun to your weekend hangouts or gatherings.

Plus, outdoor audio video systems increase the overall value of your home if you choose to sell it.

Our Commercial Audio Video Installation

Paramount also provides audio video installation services to all commercial businesses. High-quality sound simplifies communication in your business for in-office and remote workers alike.

It’s essential to clearly see and hear your co-workers and clients on your video calls. Paramount promises to install only the best audio video designs to improve your business’s communication.

We also provide project management for all your audiovisual plans, so you can quickly get back to communicating effectively.

Discover Our Commercial Electrical Services

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