A Comprehensive Approach to Security

Lenel is a global leader in physical security, delivering innovative services and products to safeguard building occupants in real time. Their globally trusted platform ensures peace of mind with robust protection.

As dedicated professionals, they provide advanced security measures to a wide variety of clients. This has allowed them to develop the skills and experience to tackle many industry-specific challenges. Whether you’re a small store or a massive global enterprise, Lenel is here to help.

Explore Lenel’s Security Solutions

Lenel offers an array of high-quality solutions to reinforce your commercial security. From commercial access control systems to the cloud, they enhance your security with:

Access Control

Lenel delivers advanced commercial access control systems that elevate building security and thwart unauthorized access.

Legacy access control systems may have vulnerabilities and high maintenance costs, but Lenel’s modern systems offer advanced features that reduce costs and minimize downtime.

Video Management

Lenel’s video management systems are flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to adjust their level of surveillance according to changing needs. Their video management systems can be viewed live or as high-quality recordings through apps or web browsing, providing actionable insights anytime.

Mobile Credentials

Keyless entry systems enable easy employee identification through mobile devices, eliminating concerns about key or badge management. This smart technology allows for increased security, added convenience, and reduced costs.

Advanced Services

Lenel offers advanced services to optimize your organization’s security. This includes professional engineering, custom solutions, remote managed services, embedded services, in-depth training, and program management.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Lenel excels in delivering cloud-based access control. Their cloud-based systems are highly scalable, adaptable, cost-effective, and accessible, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced efficiency and protection.

Third-Party Integrations

Lenel’s third-party integrations let you surpass the limitations of your security management system. Addressing your distinctive needs is effortless with their open platforms, which include alarm integration, visitor management, and more.

Ensure Your Safety With a Leading Security Partner

As a dedicated partner of Paramount Companies, Lenel shares our commitment to delivering affordable and reliable security solutions for communities and businesses. Find out how Paramount can make your property safer.

Find Your Industry Security Solution


Lenel’s solutions are far-reaching, supporting numerous industries like:


  • Data Centers
  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Education


Whether you need commercial building access control for your government facility or video surveillance for an education center, Lenel has the answer.

What Sets Lenel Apart?

Lenel is a leading expert in the world of access control. Their partnership keeps your facility and the people within it protected against potential threats. Working with them provides:


  • Access to powerful security technology
  • Seamless control over physical security systems
  • Safety and convenience of building occupants
  • Instant access to building management expertise


Contact Paramount Companies today to learn more about Lenel and implement their security systems.