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CCTV and Access Control Systems


Access control systems can be integrated with CCTV systems for those customers requiring a higher level of security. Not all access control systems have this capability but our team is experienced and an authorized dealer for systems with this capability.

Integrating CCTV feeds into an access control system functions to provide images or video clips that are linked into access control events. This can be accomplished in differing ways so we attempt to educate our customers with information regarding the various methods:

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Map with lighted access control point displays

Live Monitor Activity Report Screen

Reports from access control systems that are integrated with CCTV systems can vary and customers should understand the differing methods during the initial evaluation process:

How are images stored and reported via the access control system?

How much additional cost is associated with the integrating CCTV?

Costs can vary significantly depending on reporting and archival time
Graphic designs and more complex reporting can require significant labor

Ultimately, customers should diligently consider their immediate and long term goals for their credentialed access and CCTV requirements so “fork lift” upgrades are not required in the future for lack of initial planning.

CCTV and Access Control design and quality installation

Paramount Companies is St. Louis’s contractor of choice CCTV and Access Control design and quality installation.

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 Access Control For Your Business

Planning for access controls can be challenging on multiple levels, but effective planning begins with important questions regarding the goals to be accomplished with any system. Our team strives to provide the most cost-effective solution to meet our customer’s specific access control goals, which encompasses an exceptionally wide variety:

Visitor Management – pedestrians and or vehicles – automated or manned

Vehicle Access Control – High security system for general access

Pedestrian Access Control – High security to general access

Entry and Exit Access Control Systems also provide different reporting

Our teams we will be pleased to work with your team to meet your access control requirements. We have experience with many different access control systems and have implemented them for numerous different customers in across multiple industries.

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