Building Access Control Systems

Commercial buildings need security solutions to protect the businesses they house. That’s true for both single- and multi-tenant buildings, especially those that handle confidential information. Access control is one of the most effective ways to protect your business and information. Paramount Companies installs business access control systems to keep you secure.

Building Access Control

Our Access Control System Installation Services

We provide access control installation that limits who can access a commercial building or parts of it. We install these three different elements of the access control system:

  • User-facing components: Employees use these to enter an access-controlled building or a limited-access area inside it. Examples include ID cards, key fobs, and even smartphone apps.
  • Administration-facing components: Administrators (such as a company’s Chief Security Office and other executives) use these to view and manage their access controls. These components are often management dashboards that need manual control or automated database services.
  • Access control infrastructure: These enforce the user-facing and admin-facing components. The infrastructure includes electronic door locks and their hardware, access control panels, and access control servers.

We put these elements wherever you need them in your building. Then we make sure they work properly and keep your office and its information safe.

Your Access Control Options

Even after you choose between DAC, MAC, and RBAC models, you still have other decisions to make about your building access control system. Here are a few more options you have to choose before you’re ready to install your building access control system:

 Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

This access control model gives control over the system to a small number of individuals. For example, a handful of C-level executives or human resource personnel could use this system to grant and restrict employees’ access throughout the building. This is the least restrictive type out of the three systems.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

This system is the exact opposite of the DAC model. Instead of giving system control to a small group of people, this model gives control to just one person, such as your business’s Chief Security Officer or the head of your Human Resources department. That person is the only one who determines your employees’ access permissions to and in your building.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

This model is more automated than the other two. There’s still a system administrator, but they create access control permissions based on roles. Every employee is assigned a role, and their permissions and security levels are based on their roles. This system’s drawback is that the roles and their permissions can’t be customized for specific employees.

Tighten Your Building’s Security With Our Access Control Services

Reach out to us when you’re ready to install a commercial access control system. We’re ready when you are.

 Legacy vs. Cloud-Based System

A legacy access control system is hosted entirely in your building. You have to provide the server for it and maintain it onsite. Everything in this system also exists only on your onsite computers, and it costs a lot to install and maintain.

A cloud-based access control system is much more flexible and lower maintenance. You can host your cloud-based system’s server in your building, or you can store your system’s security data in an outside location. It all depends on what you want and have room for in your facility.

Different Ways of Accessing Your System

When you invest in a building access control system, you need to select one way for your employees to access it from the user-facing side of things. This access point is often a door reader. It may be located at the front of your building or somewhere inside it.
These use-facing access options include:

  • Electronic badge security systems
  • Key card and key fob system
  • Mobile app system
  • Wireless connection system
  • Biometric system
  • Face recognition system
  • Video system

Each type of system has its pros and cons. Whichever system you choose, pick the one that best fits your building’s operations and access control requirements. When you partner with us, we help you choose the best user-access option for your facility.

Why Our Access Control Services Matter

Controlling access to your building is always critical. After all, you have competitors, and you wouldn’t want them accessing your business’s proprietary information. Also, your business may handle other sensitive information that you need to protect.

For example, medical practices need access control to protect their patients’ identifying information in order to comply with HIPAA. Law practices also often have to keep their clients’ information confidential as they provide their services. These and many more businesses have a vested interest in protecting their clients’, patients’, or customers’ information. Building access control systems help them protect those interests.

Our services help business owners protect their client, patient, or customer bases. They also make sure that you can always limit your employees’ access to sensitive information and areas in your building.

Boost Your Access Control and Security With Paramount Companies

Your business’s access control is a significant part of its security measures. Your building access control system sets up parameters for who can access which areas of your office or facility and the information stored in those areas.

Paramount Companies always keeps your business’s security in mind when we install and implement your building access control system. Call Paramount Companies at 314-266-6551 today to set up your access control system.