Commercial Building Security

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At Paramount, we know just how important it is to maintain a sturdy line of defense at your facility. That’s why we’re committed to providing complete building security solutions, from surveillance and intrusion detection to access controls and door hardware. Take a look at our solutions below to learn more about how we protect your assets and help you maintain peace of mind.

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Paramount’s video surveillance systems provide real-time awareness of what is happening in and around your facility. This gives you a better understanding of your entire operations and better protects your assets.

Building Access Control Systems

Your property needs robust access control systems to protect your assets and ensure that only authorized individuals can gain entry. With numerous access control options, Paramount helps you tighten your perimeter security.

Security and Access Control

Our CCTV and access control systems can be integrated to provide a higher level of security, allowing you to link live monitoring, video clips, GUIs, and more for a comprehensive view of your facility.

Commercial Door Security Hardware

From security doors and locks to surveillance cameras and keypads, Paramount’s door security solutions help you cover your entry points with maximum protection.

Secure Your Facility With Unrivaled Commercial Building Security

Security threats loom larger than ever, and safeguarding your commercial property has become non-negotiable. Business owners and facility managers grapple with a range of challenges, from protecting valuable assets to upholding a productive environment. Break-ins and unauthorized access can jeopardize not just your assets, but also your peace of mind. By adopting robust security measures, you proactively counter risks and foster an atmosphere of trust and safety, which are vital for sustained business growth.

As the leading authority on commercial building security in St. Louis, Paramount Companies understands the unique challenges you face in keeping your property secure. Our services, ranging from advanced surveillance systems to cutting-edge access controls, are designed to fortify your property against any threat. Trust us to elevate your security posture and keep your operations running smoothly.

Tighten Up Your Building Security With Paramount

Want to fortify your property against threats? Reach out to Paramount today, and let’s discuss how our comprehensive building security solutions can create a robust line of defense for your unique needs.

Benefits of Our Complete Building Security Solutions

At Paramount, we go above and beyond to safeguard your assets and your peace of mind. With our unwavering commitment to security excellence, we provide tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive security systems create a shield of protection around your facility, letting you rest easy knowing that your business is safeguarded around the clock. Our expertly designed solutions offer real-time monitoring and alerts, keeping you informed and in control no matter where you are.

Asset Protection

Our advanced surveillance and access control systems work in harmony to secure your valuable assets. With high-definition cameras and intelligent access controls, you have the tools to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate risks, ensuring your assets are always safe and secure.

Complete Security Integration

At Paramount, we understand that a seamless security ecosystem is essential. Our integrated solutions bring together surveillance, access control, and more, offering you a centralized platform for managing your entire security infrastructure.

Protect Your Facility From Every Angle With a Dependable Commercial Building Security Company

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