Advanced School Security Systems

Protect Students and Staff With Dependable School Security Systems

Students need a safe place to learn, grow, and prosper. With dependable campus security systems from Paramount Companies, you can protect students and staff. Continue reading to learn more about what we offer and see how you can create a safer environment for students.


Our School Security Systems

The great thing about Paramount security systems besides their ability to increase safety is their customization. Each school and college campus has different needs depending on the size of the facility and the number of students, entrances, and buildings. We offer a wide variety of security systems to choose from, including:


Door Locks for Schools

Every door in your educational facility needs a robust and dependable lock to keep students safe and keep out unauthorized personnel. There are several lock types to choose from when you partner with Paramount, including:


Keypad Locks

Keypad locks are unlocked with numerical codes instead of keys. These locks typically have a deadbolt instead of a standard lock because deadbolts are much more difficult for outsiders to open—especially when the lock is password protected. 

Keypads are excellent for janitorial closets, offices, and any other space to which only a few individuals need access. Be sure to limit the number of people who know the access codes to keep students and unauthorized persons out of certain areas.

keypad locks
smart lock and smartphone

Smart Locks

Smart locks are similar to keypad locks, but they have a couple more advanced features that increase security, including:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection: These unique locks operate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can control them with mobile devices.
  • Remote control access: You can lock and unlock smart locks remotely, so even if you’re not in the building, you can monitor access and secure doors.
  • Set custom limitations: You can limit things like days of the week or specific hours to make sure authorized personnel have access to the school or university only during approved times.
  • Mobile alerts: You’ll receive alerts that are automatically sent to your phone if someone tries to break in or tamper with the lock. You can also set your lock to notify police or security providers when someone attempts to break into your school. 

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are similar to standard ones, but they have bolts you must turn with a key to open. These locks are an effective security measure because they’re not spring-activated and can’t be picked with cards or tools. 

Paramount recommends these locks for any door in your educational facility, including:

  • Exterior doors
  • Classroom doors
  • Entrances
  • Offices and break rooms
  • Gymnasiums
Deadbolt lock on a wooden door

School Security Cameras

Our high-quality school security cameras allow you to monitor all activity outside and inside your elementary school, high school, or college campus. Benefits of security cameras include:

  • Deterring burglars or unauthorized personnel
  • Keeping an eye on students
  • Staying aware of bullying
  • Reviewing any accidents that happen on school grounds

We offer three main types of school security cameras that can integrate with CCTV:


These school security cameras are named after their shape. These are the most common camera type for schools because their shape allows them to function in small spaces and get a full, 360-degree view.


These CCTV cameras have dome-shaped covers. We recommend putting these in school hallways, classrooms, and elevators because they’re large enough that students can see them and offer 360-degree views.


PTZ (or pan-tilt-zoom) cameras have mechanical parts that allow them to swivel in all directions and zoom in and out. These are ideal for large areas like playgrounds, outdoor classrooms, and larger campuses.

Implementing Your School Security Camera System

Paramount installs unique camera systems for schools of any size. Our expert security team customizes school security camera systems to fit the needs and size of your school or campus. If you need a bullet, dome, or PTZ camera, or even a combination of cameras, we’re here to help.

Does your school camera security system need an upgrade?

Key Cards and Access Control

Building access control systems improve your overall school security system and are incredibly versatile. Key card features allow certain personnel into specific areas, like janitorial closets, offices, and classrooms. 

Key cards also keep students out of areas they don’t need to be in and keep students and staff safe from outsiders. Many schools have a facility-wide access control system where all students must have a key card to get in and out of the building. This practice ensures that only students who attend your school can access the facility.

Paramount offers several building access control options, including:

  • Discretionary access
  • Mandatory access
  • Role-based access

When you partner with us for your school security needs, you can pick the systems that meet your school’s unique needs.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting helps deter crime and provides lighting for students and teachers leaving school after hours. This makes the parking lots safer to drive in and helps prevent car burglaries.

Let Paramount Improve Your School Security System

At Paramount, we value our customers’ safety and satisfaction, and we always make sure our clients are happy with their security system. Safety is crucial in any learning environment. Students can’t learn or focus if they’re worried about how safe they are. Our experienced team can simplify your security and keep your students safe with:

  • Alarm systems
  • Classroom door locks
  • Video surveillance
  • School access control systems
  • CCTV

Contact us today to get started and enhance your school’s security system.