Commercial Surveillance Systems

If you own or manage a commercial facility, you understand the importance of security and access control—and so do we. Paramount Companies’ commercial surveillance systems show you where occupants are located in your facility in real time. We also offer a range of other security and access control services for both indoor and outdoor areas of your facility.

Video Surveillance Systems

Enhance Your Security With Our Surveillance Solutions

We offer various commercial video surveillance services and products, including:

  • Commercial surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor use
  • CCTVs integrated with access control systems
  • High-quality, real-time video surveillance
  • Snapshot imaging capabilities
  • Video analytics and reporting for security

Paramount’s security monitoring services offer networked video feeds that keep you aware of everything happening in and around your facility at all times.

Improve Access Control With Camera Monitoring

Commercial video surveillance is crucial for safeguarding both the interior and exterior of your business. Paramount’s commercial surveillance cameras tighten security measures by deterring criminal activity, capturing evidence in case of incidents, and monitoring employee and customer safety.

Our commercial surveillance systems act as a powerful deterrent against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, protecting assets and ensuring a secure working environment. Additionally, video footage can aid in investigations and legal proceedings, promoting accountability and improving access control.

Choose the Right Surveillance System for Your Facility

Think about your facility for a moment. What proprietary information do you keep onsite? Do you have server rooms or storage areas with sensitive equipment or information? If you do, consider video surveillance.

Choosing the right commercial surveillance system is crucial because it shows you who has access to your sensitive information and equipment. With this information, you can take the proper steps to secure these areas and only provide access to those who need it.

Install Your New Commercial Surveillance Systems

Need advanced video solutions to complement your security systems? Connect with us today for video installation that meets your needs.

Customize Your Commercial Surveillance System With Paramount

When installing your commercial surveillance system, we stand apart from other providers by integrating your video system with other security solutions. For example, we install cameras in areas with door security hardware. These two security solutions work together to keep unauthorized people out of restricted areas and show you when people go in and out of those areas. We also install access control to update your security systems if necessary.

Security Outdoor System
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We Work With All Commercial Facilities

We provide commercial surveillance and security services for various facilities, including federal government buildings and private universities. We also provide electrical services because it’s simpler and more cost-effective for organizations to receive both electrical and security services from one contractor. Doing so also ensures your security and electrical installations work well together. Contact us today to begin your project.

Create Your Commercial Surveillance Solution With Us

Every building has security needs. Surveillance cameras keep you aware of everything in your facility, working alongside access control measures, door hardware, and other methods to keep your facility as safe as possible. If you already have security measures installed, you can always enhance them with a commercial surveillance system.

If you want to install a commercial surveillance system in your facility, reach out to us today. We have the knowledge, experience, and skills to align your security camera system with any additional security solutions. We can assess your facility’s surveillance requirements and determine how they connect to your other security measures, then develop the best solutions for your needs. Call Paramount Companies at 314-266-6551 today for your free video surveillance estimate.

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