Happy Halloween from Paramount Electric! With the start of the holiday season, you may be thinking about outdoor lighting for decorative purposes. But there are several other benefits of outdoor lighting, including safety and security. Whether you’re looking for added security or simply wanting to highlight your favorite Halloween decorations, well-planned exterior lighting can make a big difference.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Security

Increased safety and security are two main benefits of outdoor lighting for your home. Well-lit paths and sidewalks help prevent trips and falls—especially in the winter when there may be ice patches. Ideally, you want to install exterior lights that shine down and spread out. This will provide the best visibility for making walkways safer while also illuminating people’s faces. Such lighting can help discourage potential home intruders and make them easier to identify in the event of an intrusion or attempted break-in.

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What Are the Other Benefits of Outdoor Lighting?

Another advantage of exterior lighting is enhanced curb appeal. Well-placed outdoor lights are often used to highlight trees, landscaping, or other parts of your home’s exterior. Uplighting, for example, can add a touch of drama by highlighting unique architectural features. Enhanced curb appeal is a good way to help raise the value of your home. Plus, a good outdoor lighting scheme can create a warm, welcoming entrance for all your holiday guests—starting with the adorable trick-or-treaters headed your way on Halloween night!

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