Protecting Your School with Proper Door Hardware

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The security of our elementary schools, school districts, and traditional public schools has become a pressing concern in recent years. In the last nine years alone, there have been over 600 gun incidents in elementary and high schools across the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Ensuring the safety of our community is crucial, and there’s an increasing discussion around physical security elements like advanced door hardware.

But what types of door hardware can guarantee the safety of an entire school?

The Rising Need for Enhanced School Security

School safety has come under the spotlight in recent years with the unfortunate hike in school shootings, making security measures in elementary schools, high schools, and other educational institutions a significant concern. To address this, school districts must implement a comprehensive security plan tailored to their unique needs and vulnerabilities.

Understanding the Role of Door Hardware in School Security

The importance of a well-rounded school door security system cannot be overstated. Advanced door hardware provides a physical layer of security to mitigate threats that result from insecure entrances. For instance, in an active shooter situation, students are often advised to hide behind locked classroom doors.

Advanced Door Hardware Used in Schools

In an era where technology has simplified many of our lives, it’s only natural to use advanced door hardware to enhance school security as well. Features like keypads, face scanners, badges, door codes, ID scanners, and fingerprint scanners are advanced door hardware models frequently incorporated into a school’s security plans.


Keypads are a popular choice for many schools given their simplicity. They offer excellent control to administrators and can be customized to function during specific school hours. Additionally, they can be integrated with alarm systems to notify users in case of inappropriate access.

Face Scanners

Face scanners or facial recognition devices add an extra tier of security for schools by allowing access only to recognized faces. This eliminates the chances of misuse or unauthorized access, ensuring a safe environment for students and staff.


Physical badges have always been an integral part of school safety. Apart from designating identity, they also regulate community members’ access to certain areas on the campus. Modern enhancements now allow badges to integrate with RFID technology, offering schools a low-cost yet effective means of access control.

Door Codes and Locks

Like keypads, door codes offer high control over access. There’s also no worry about losing keys, as the system relies on codes entered directly into the lock. Quite a number of school districts are now using these electronic locks for their ease of use.

Conditional Access

Conditional access is often consolidated with other access systems for the best results. Schools can use this system to restrict access to certain parts of the campus at different times. This dynamic control allows school administrators to maintain strict safety protocols.

Fingerprint Scanners

One of the most reliable technologies, fingerprint scanners offer a high level of security and are almost impossible to cheat. These are biometric devices that use the unique patterns of a person’s fingerprint to grant access. Schools prioritizing the highest security level often opt for these advanced devices.

ID Scanners

Last but certainly not least are ID scanners. These scanner systems ensure only valid ID holders can access the school premises. They are particularly effective in controlling visitor access and are a must-have to ensure the safety of our schools.

While advanced door hardware is an excellent way to increase your school’s security measures, many other options can provide further protection. Find out how you can improve your building’s security.

The Benefits of Implementing Door Hardware

Door hardware security in schools is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and well-being of students, staff, and visitors. There are several benefits of implementing effective door hardware security in educational institutions, such as:

  • Enhanced Safety: The primary benefit of school door hardware security is improved safety. Secure door hardware can prevent unauthorized access, intruders, and potential threats, making schools safer for students and staff.
  • Controlled Access: Access control systems, including keyless entry, card readers, and biometric locks, allow schools to control who can enter the premises. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access the building, reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Emergency Lockdown: Many door hardware systems are designed to facilitate rapid lockdown procedures in an emergency, such as a school shooting. This can protect students and staff by preventing unauthorized access.
  • Deterrence: Visible security measures, such as reinforced doors and access control systems, can deter potential intruders and vandals.
  • Improved Accountability: Electronic access control systems create an audit trail, recording who accessed specific areas and when. This can be useful for investigations and accountability.

Installation and Maintenance of Advanced Door Hardware

Once the need is identified and the hardware is chosen, the next step is installation. This is typically performed by a trained security professional following the guidelines outlined in the security plan. This installation often includes comprehensive training for the school security staff about the operation and upkeep of the devices.

Regular maintenance checks and servicing will be necessary as part of the safety plan to ensure the door security systems function optimally. These checks include routine inspections, software updates, and prompt repair or replacement of faulty parts.

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Fortify Your School Security With Paramount Companies

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