Why Invest in an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Why Invest in an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Home electrical panels are critical parts of residential electrical systems. They hold the breaker boxes and fuse boxes that keep the electricity running through your home. Let’s examine how electrical panels work and why yours may need an upgrade.

Key Takeaways

This post covers the following topics:

  • How electrical panels work
    • How electrical panel upgrades solve problems
    • Why panel upgrades matter
    • Whether a homeowner can replace or upgrade their electrical panel
    • What’s involved in upgrading an electrical service panel
  • The cost of replacing or upgrading your electrical panel
  • Whether Paramount Companies provides electrical panel upgrades
    • Why you sometimes need to add to your panel’s circuits

We hope these topics help you better understand why investing in an electrical panel upgrade is worth it.

How Do Electrical Panels Work?

Your home’s electrical system is split into several different circuits, and they all meet at the electrical service panel. This panel is most likely located in your basement or garage. It holds the circuit breaker along with your system’s fuses. Overall, this panel is your electrical system’s hub.

That description makes the panel’s operations sound very simple and continuous. Most of the time, it is. However, the electrical service panel does have limits. Every panel can hold only so many amps of electricity before it shuts the system off. For some homes, that limit is 100 amps of electricity.

Why Do Panel Upgrades Matter?

Think about how many electrical or electronic devices you use each day. Of course, you use lights and heating or air conditioning. Then there’s your cell phone, which needs frequent charging. The same is true for any laptops or tablets you use. You also have to keep your television plugged in, and you probably have many other electrical devices in your home. A 100-amp electrical panel may not successfully carry all that electricity, but a 200-amp panel can.

Can a Homeowner Replace an Electrical Panel?

It’s not about whether you can replace your electrical service panel. It’s about whether you should. An electrical panel upgrade involves intricate electrical work, so it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. Find a qualified electrical contractor in your area who offers this service for homes like yours. Many contractors offer this service to help older homes become modern ones.

What Is Involved in Upgrading to a 200 Amp Service Panel?

This type of upgrade involves expanding the amount of amps your service panel carries. It also includes adding more circuits to your electrical systems. The more circuits you have, the more electricity your system can provide. This aspect of the upgrade means you can use more lights, devices, and appliances at once, since they’re split into more branch circuits than they were before the upgrade.

You see, it’s best not to use more than half of your electrical system’s possible load. In homes with 100-amp service panels, homeowners often draw upwards of 80 amps from their electrical systems. That electrical draw puts the system at risk of overloading. Upgrading to a 200-amp service panel lowers that risk and makes it safer to run more electricity in your home.

If you want to learn if an electrical panel upgrade is right for your home, reach out to Paramount Companies today.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Costs for this type of upgrade vary depending on parts and labor costs. Talk with your contractor to see what their panel upgrade prices are. And get multiple quotes on this project to see what the pricing range is and what fits your budget. Don’t automatically go with the cheapest quote, though, because it may not lead to quality workmanship. Instead, choose the quote that seems reasonable for your budget, but also allows for top-quality results.

Does Paramount Companies Provide Electrical Panel Upgrades?

Yes, we do. We understand that even if you live in an older home, you want to have the electric capacity of a modern home. That’s why we upgrade your service panel. When you connect with us for an electrical panel upgrade, we work with you to determine the best new layout for your panel and its branch circuits. We can also come back later to add on to your new circuit setup.

Why Add to Your New 200-Amp Circuit Setup?

If you’ve ever considered putting in a new outdoor bar with a TV or an outdoor patio with an audio system, you need to add on to your service panel’s circuit. Adding on to them is necessary because these installations require more power. Some indoor installations, like a home theater, also require adding onto the circuits. If you ever need this service, we’re ready to provide it.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel With Us

Upgrading any part of your home’s electrical system is a big project. Safety is key in the upgrade and how your service panel sends electricity to the circuits. A professional electrician should always perform this type of upgrade because it involves the heart of your electrical system.

Thinking about upgrading your electrical service panel? Connect with Paramount Companies today. We have the knowledge and experience to develop the right electrical panel upgrade for your home. Once we complete it, your system will hold the right amount of amps for your home’s electrical consumption levels.