Home Entertainment System Installations

Home Entertainment System Installations

Many people want a custom home theater for watching movies or playing video games. If building a home theater sounds like a great idea, it’s best to have a professional electrical contractor by your side. Here’s how the home theater installation process works and how professionals like Paramount Companies handle it.

Key Concepts

This post covers the following topics:

  • What a home theater system installation includes
  • What a home theater system installation includes
  • Why you should use a professional contractor to install your home theater
  • What home theater systems cost to build
  • The types of contractors who can help you complete your home theater room
  • The audio-video services Paramount Companies provides


What Home Theater System Installation Includes

A home entertainment or theater system usually includes the following components:

  • A TV or a video projector and screen
  • An AV or surround sound receiver
  • Connection cables
  • Speaker wire and wire stripper
  • Subwoofer
  • Loudspeakers
  • Disc player

You can add on other components like a media streamer, satellite box, or sound meter. You may also need to have acoustic treatments done in your chosen room to get the sound quality you want for your theater system.

Why a Professional Contractor Should Install Your Home Theater System

You could install a home theater system yourself, but it’s best to consult a professional before you do that. After all, contractors work with electronics and electrical systems all the time, so they know how to put your system together quickly and effectively. If you build your system yourself without ever having set up an electrical system before, your project could take much longer than you expected. An electrical contractor can lay out all the components and put them together in more efficient ways.

What Do Home Movie Theaters Cost To Build?

Home theater systems installation services vary in cost. Those costs depend on the size and complexity of your system. Simple systems cost around $60 per hour for a contractor to install, and the average system costs around $80 per hour. The installation usually doesn’t take more than two hours to complete. However, installations that need cables put in your room’s walls or involve other complex processes could take up to six hours to finish. Overall, home theaters cost time and money to install, and you should weigh these costs before you invest in your entertainment system.

Looking to install a home entertainment system? See what our services can do for you.

What Types of Contractors Can Help You Set Up Your Home Theater?

We offer residential audio and video installation services, but that’s not all we provide. We can install a surround sound system or a home projector if that’s all you need. We can also install whole-house sound systems that give you top-notch sound quality beyond your entertainment room.

We provide home automation services along with our audio-video installation services. These automation services simplify your audio-video systems, making it easier to turn on your system and choose your specific settings so you get your ideal listening and viewing experience without messing with too many controls.

Install Your Home Theater With Us

Want a home theater system designed and installed to meet your exact specifications? Reach out to Paramount Companies today. With our residential electrical services, we can install your entertainment system and make sure it fits with the rest of your home’s electrical systems. We ensure your system is precisely where you want it while providing the video and sound quality you’re looking for.