Benefits of Outdoor Security Lighting

Light fixtures on house

Are you concerned about protecting your commercial and residential property from burglars and break-ins? Those concerns are justified—burglaries accounted for 16% of all property crimes in 2019. Outdoor security lighting might be the additional security you’ve been looking for to deter any unwanted visitors.

What Is a Security Light?

Security lighting is a protective type of lighting that helps keep unwanted visitors, both human and animal, out of your home or business. 

These lights enhance your facility’s overall safety because they typically scare off intruders and invasive animals. Security lights are usually automatic and operate with motion sensors. When something moves in front of your security light, it turns on to warn perpetrators that they’re being watched.

Benefits of Security Lighting for Homeowners

Many animals are scared by bright light, so security lighting is beneficial for homes with gardens. Your plants will stay safe from raccoons and rabbits when they set off your automatic light sensors.

If your home is in the city or a high-crime area, security lighting warns burglars that you have a security system in place and indicates that they’ll be caught doing anything on your property.

You can integrate your security lights with your alarm system and have double the defense against burglars.

Benefits of Security Lighting for Commercial Businesses

Security lights act as your building’s first layer of defense. Most commercial businesses have security and surveillance systems. These lights are an excellent addition, as they tell burglars that someone or something can see them.

Do Security Lights Deter Burglars?

Another benefit of security lights is that they help deter burglars. According to a University of North Carolina study, nearly 60% of burglars say the presence of security lighting and systems deter them from breaking in. There are several ways to utilize your outdoor security lights to deter burglars:

  • Set a timer on your outdoor security lighting: Many smart lighting systems have the option of setting timers so burglars think someone is in your building. If lights are left on all day, it doesn’t seem like anyone is home, because most people don’t leave their lights on all the time. Have your outdoor security lights turn on and off periodically, so it seems like someone is inside.
  • Integrate your outdoor security lighting with your security system: Motion-sensor lights are a great addition to your security system. Outdoor lighting warns intruders while your alarm system stops them. Together, these two solutions create robust protection for your business.
  • Choose motion-sensor flood lights: Motion-sensor lights only light up when someone or something passes them. If your security lights are on 24/7, they might not effectively stop burglars from entering your commercial property. Motion-activated lights startle burglars and drive them away.

How To Install an Outdoor Security Light

Follow these steps to install an outdoor security light properly:

  1. Find a convenient light source near the location of your new security lighting. Shut off the light’s power source.
  2. Cut the wire’s existing connection with a wire cutter.
  3. Drill an outlet hole through the exterior siding with a 1⅜-inch spade drill bit. Run a 14-gauge wire leading from inside to outside.
  4. Assemble your security light.
  5. Attach the power wires to the light’s wires. Cover the wires with connector nuts.
  6. Attach a flexible putty around your home/building’s exterior hole. This putty serves as a weather-tight seal for your light.
  7. Install the light fixture and electrical box on the building exterior with a power drill and screws.
  8. Replace your existing outlet with a switch-over outlet to protect it.

The installation process is simple if you have experience installing light fixtures. If you need help installing your security lighting, many electric companies offer installation as a part of their service. Hiring an electrician also ensures the installation is done correctly and safely.

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How Bright Should Outdoor Floodlights Be?

Most floodlights require 700 to 1,300 lumens to be bright enough. The brighter your lights, the more secure your space. Motion sensor lights require 300 to 700 lumens. Base your exterior light brightness choice on the size of your outdoor space.

Bright outdoor floodlights are typically used for parking lot security lighting. Not only do security flood lights help people see potholes and debris, but they also enhance a building’s overall safety. Many floodlights have security cameras that monitor everything happening in a parking lot in case anything suspicious happens. 

These lights also give a clear pathway to your vehicle and make it easier to spot suspicious behavior.

Need Help With Outdoor Security Lighting?

If you don’t know where to start with outdoor security lighting, Paramount Companies can help. We’re an industry leader in lighting solutions and security systems and develop custom systems for businesses and homes of any size.

Whether you want to add additional lighting to your existing system or install an entirely new lighting solution, we do it all. Let us help you protect your property with innovative security systems. Contact us today to get started.