Why are Electrical Safety Inspections Important?

An electrical safety inspection is more than just a detail: it’s a crucial part of keeping your home and family safe and secure. Faulty wiring can lead to dangerous house fires and other damage to your property, so having your electrical system inspected is a must-do.

What happens in an electrical inspection?

An electrical safety inspection checks for any deterioration in your wiring and circuits as well as verifying that your electrical system is not overloaded or wired improperly, which can lead to dangerous explosions, fires and shocks.

They will also be able to ensure that there is not moisture and dangerous leaks occurring near your wiring and that your equipment is up to date and hasn’t broken down or deteriorated to the extent that it’s become dangerous. They will also be able to test your appliances and ensure they aren’t causing any dangerous interactions with the electrical system.

Weather also affects wiring and the electrician will inspect the layout of your home and its functioning electrical system to check that it’s safe from the elements and not being negatively impacted by things like hanging tree branches, heavy rain or other factors.

When should you arrange an inspection?

Optimally, you should have an electrical safety inspection done before moving into your home or every 10 years or so. You should also arrange to have an inspection if you’ve been noticing odd behavior of lights, appliances, outlets or general problems with your electricity, fuses and power. An experienced electrician will know how to check that your home is properly wired and that everything has been safely grounded.

Why choose Paramount Electric?

However, it is vital that you hire an experienced electrician to perform the electrical safety inspection. As one of the leading electrical contractors in St. Louis, Paramount Electric works at the highest level of professionalism and knows how to do electrical inspections the right way.

Here at Paramount Electric we know the importance of an electrical safety inspection that’s done right. Having an experienced electrician do the inspection makes all the difference between an inspection you can trust and a shoddy, half-hearted walk-through from a pop-up shop. As one of the leading providers of electrical safety inspections in St. Louis we skip no details or safety measures in our thorough, affordable and fully-licensed inspections.

Feel free to reach out and contact us today about requesting an electrical inspection and speak to our staff about booking an appointment via e-mail, phone or our online contact form.