Tips To Prevent Electrical Damage During Summer Storms

Midwest weather is notorious for having storms that can cause property damage. Unless issues are addressed properly and promptly, homeowners may be without power for a lengthy period of time. Once a storm passes, it may be tempting to try and repair any damage on your own; however, electrical repairs should be left to the professionals. Diving into any electrical repairs could result in a fire or even bodily injury. Keep reading and learn a few simple steps you can do to prevent electrical damage and what to do once damage occurs.

Take Preventative Measures

Get your trees trimmed!

Make sure any overhead power lines on your property are clear of tree branches. This will help prevent downed trees from doing damage, such as ripping the electrical service off your house.

Invest in a whole house SURGE Protector.

When professionally installed, your expensive electronics are warrantied.

In the event of a lightning storm, unplug computers, TVs, and any appliances that may be damaged by a power surge.

If your power goes out, report the power outage to Ameren (or your local electric provider) right away. And be sure to report any downed power lines.

 Contact the Professionals

Safety during the storm should be your first priority. Then as soon as the storm has passed, it’s time to assess the damage and get it repaired. Many people make the mistake of thinking that Ameren will take care of any and all electrical storm repairs. Note that if your home’s outside service panel or service entry is damaged during the storm, you will be responsible for getting it fixed (not Ameren or your local electric provider). Paramount Electric is fully equipped to handle all types of situations. Our crews can replace or repair your outside service, panel and service entry so that Ameren can turn your power back on. Give us a call at 314-266-6551.