Buildings like gas stations and warehouses can benefit greatly from LED lighting. For cash credits and huge energy savings, try switching your business to LED. Quality lighting systems save you money and help your employees and customers stay safe, comfortable, and productive. With professionally installed LED commercial lighting from Paramount Electric, you can do wonders for your business both economically and aesthetically.

Why Consider Switching Your Business to LED?

Switching to LED will increase energy efficiency reduce your operational costs. Businesses like gas stations, warehouses, hospitals, and shopping malls can save huge amounts of money with the reduced energy output of LED lights. Plus you can earn great credits on your electric bill! Ameren offers quick and easy ActOnEnergy cash incentives to non-residential Ameren Missouri electric customers. You can earn up to $1,000,000 in incentives per year for qualified lighting and lighting controls, including the installation of LED lamps.

Extra Lighting Features

When we put in your new LED lighting system, we can also install automatic timers, dimmers, and wireless capability. We will give you a fully customized system. If you choose to go wireless, you’ll be able to quickly and easily control your LED lights from your smartphone or tablet.

More Options for Low-Energy Lighting

If you’re looking for energy savings and Ameren credits, LED is not the only way to go. Another good option is low-energy T5 fluorescent lighting. Long-lasting T5 fluorescent lamps offer improved energy savings as well as low toxicity and low mercury. These lamps are available in standard output (HE), high output (HO), energy advantage, and extreme temperature products to support all of your commercial lighting needs.

Ready to switch your business to LED? Contact us! We can advise you on the best lighting to fit your needs, design and install your entire system, and help you apply for the appropriate cash credits. Hav