Beware the ides of March! Spring storm season is here. And you know what that means: thunder, lightning, lots of rain, and (potentially) floods. Electrical storms and flash floods pose many safety hazards and can be very dangerous. To help keep you and your family safe this spring, we’ve put together some information on electrical safety during storms and floods.

Electrical Safety During Storms

When you use electricity on a regular basis, every day, it’s easy to forget how powerful and dangerous it can be. Lightning storms can lead to electrical surges, power outages, and other hazards. In the event of lightning, stay indoors and follow these tips for electrical safety during storms:

  • Stay inside and keep away from overhead power lines.
  • Have an emergency power outage kit stocked and readily available.
  • Unplug computers, TVs, and any appliances that may be damaged by a power surge.
  • Use a battery-powered radio to stay tuned to local weather reports.
  • Never touch anything electrical with wet hands or bare feet.
  • If your power goes out, immediately report the power outage to Ameren (or your local electric provider). And be sure to report any downed power lines.
  • Note that if your home’s outside service panel is damaged during the storm, you will be responsible for getting it fixed (not Ameren). Contact Paramount Electric to schedule service or repair.

Electrical Safety During and After Flash Floods

In the event of a flash flood, electrical safety is a top priority. Get to high ground as quickly as possible, and avoid contact with all flood water—including basement water. The water may be contaminated and/or electrically charged. To avoid risk of electrocution, keep away and stay dry. If you see standing water near electrical wiring or appliances, call an electrician right away.

When returning to your house after a flood, please remember to be be safe! Don’t mess with extension cords that are in water, or plug into any receptacles that have taken on water damage. Take your time and make smart decisions. If you have any questions or concerns about anything electrical-related, Paramount Electric is here to help.

Have questions about electrical safety during storms and floods? Need help with electrical issues in your home or business? Contact us! Call our office at 314-266-6551 or email info@p