Choosing an AV Integrator

An audio visual (AV) integrator is a business which provides and installs audio visual solutions and systems for your home or business. There are many AV integrators out there, but not all of them are equal – not even close.

Choosing the best AV Integrator for your home and business

Whether you are looking for a specialized audio visual company to integrate systems in your home or to install commercial audio systems at your business, you want an AV integrator that’s professional but not over-priced.

When getting quotes from an audio visual company you need to pay attention to their professionalism and level of detail. If you have agreed on them setting up a conference room with fully-integrated internet, audio and video systems, then the company should provide you a detailed list and price quote of what each component costs.

How Paramount Electrics can help you?

As a leading AV integrator in the St. Louis area, Paramount Electric is a family-owned business that operates at the highest level of professionalism. We communicate clearly and honestly with you at all times and always ensure that our customers understand exactly what they are getting and know that we fully respect their home and business.

1. Highest quality and durable components

We ensure that we install only the highest-quality AV components with long warranties and glowing product reviews: unlike some companies who offer too-good-to-be-true prices and then install junk that breaks down on you, Paramount is focused on quality and durability. Our installations are held to the highest standard and our equipment stands the test of time and is up to date and modern.

2. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our fully-license and dedicated team knows technology inside and out and has worked to do some advanced and highly complex AV integration in the St. Louis area. We know how to make AV work for your exact needs and we have a long list of satisfied customers because we consistently work closely with our clients to make sure all expectations are met and exceeded.

3. Team of Licensed Electrical Contractors

Here at Paramount Electric our dedicated team works to ensure you can enjoy the best audio and video services on the market at an affordable price. Our fully-licensed and bonded company prizes professionalism and expertise and we enjoy creating solutions for you in providing expert audio and visual installations for every area of your home as well as commercial audio and video systems for your business.

We are confident in saying that when you need an AV integrator in the St. Louis area your absolute best choice is Paramount Electric.

Feel free to reach out and contact us today.