April Showers Bring Power Outages

With all of the storms, what does that mean for your electric? Because of the thunderstorms we have been getting, it’s no shock that our electric will be affected. While light April showers bring May flowers, they can also bring up some serious electrical issues. We’ve created a list of things to help you in case of any kind of power outages you may have.

 Find any kind of Flashlight or Candle you may have

  • You will need some means of light to help you see since it will be very dark. Your home may be full of different types of scents from the candles, but at least you will be able to see
  • where you are going.
  • Keep your Refrigerators and Freezers shut
    These typically run on electric, so when there is no power, there is nothing running your refrigerator/freezer. The more times the door is opened, the warmer your food will be from the cool air getting out. Keeping the door shut will keep that cool air inside which will keep your food at the temperature it should be.
  • Disconnect Appliances or Technology
    They can get fried if you keep them plugged in and lightning strikes. Your phone may be charged, but it may die from a power surge if it is kept plugged in.
  • Fill your Bathtub up with Water
    Your water supply could be disrupted during a storm, so play it on the safe side and fill up any kind of containers and your tub with water prior to the storm.
  • Break out the Board Games
    Since you won’t have any power, you will need to do something in your spare time. Dig up those old dusty board games and play a quality game of Monopoly in the dark.

Here are some tips on what you can do to help prevent these power outages

  • Install a Home Backup Generator
    When your power goes out, your generator will be there to restore the electric. It will keep the lights, air conditioning, refrigerator, freezer, computer, security system, etc. anything that requires electric, running. You won’t have to worry about any outage because you will have this in your back pocket. We can help you install a backup generator.
  • Get your Trees Trimmed
    Trees can conduct electricity. Make sure any overhead power lines on your property are free of tree branches. The tress can interfere with your electric service, especially during these storms. Getting them trimmed can help prevent any issues like ripping the electric service off of your house during a storm.
  • Install SURGE Protector
    A whole house SURGE Protector is designed to protect your appliances from any kind of voltage spike that may occur. This will keep your tech and appliances safe through the April shows and storms.
  • Report any kind of Power Outage to your Electrical Provider
    They will typically have reasoning indicating why the power is out as well as an estimated time for restoration.
  • Unplug any Appliances During a storm
    If lightning strikes near a local electric pole, this could cause a power surge that bursts through the power lines. Because your typical appliances aren’t able to sustain a certain amount of voltage, this power surge coming through the wall socket and will essentially fry.